Welcome To Our Wellness Center

"A Holistic Way of Living a Healthier Life"


Life During Covid...

Hoping Everyone is staying safe and well. That being said, we are currently open and taking most clients at a limited capacity. We want to make sure we are taking every precaution to keep our clients healthy and free from the stresses of the outside chaos. For this reason, we are seeing fewer clients, this gives us the adequate time we need to properly disinfect in-between clients.


Things You Should Know When Booking an Appointment:

* We ask that you have been keeping up with local safety protocols, as well as you have not been sick or in contact with anyone sick in the past 2 weeks.

*A quick signed questionnaire is required for your file

*Masks & Temperature Checks are required

*We ask that you remain outside until you have contacted your provider to be escorted in for a temperature check and then directly to the treatment room. As there is NO waiting in the waiting room area

*Please bring your own water/beverage, as we are not allowed to give any out at this time

As with everything, we just ask that you help us in looking out for each other during these trying times, as we work hard together at keeping each other safe so we can get back to life before Covid as soon as possible!

Please note the Office number has changed, Please call or text with any questions or concerns. Hope to see you soon!

Visit Us 

15645 SE 114th AVE Suite 102

Clackamas Oregon 97015

Call/Text: (503) 313-1829
Mail: beautyofwellness@gmail.com

Available Treatments​:


  • Massage Therapy 

  • Deep Tissue / Injury Work

  • Swedish Relaxation

  •  Hot Stone Therapy

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha/ Scraping